Lecture 7: Fact or Fiction

In this lecture, Lord Puttnam once again covered a large range of topics, including a brief history of documentary on film, the recent spate of biopics and their success, the erosion of the public/private divide and the increased prevalence of info-tainment, and the ubiquitous presence of violence in news media, as well as the desensitization […]

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Lecture 4: Identity and Cinema

This week’s lecture discussed the idea of identity and cinema, and how identity is central to film. Lord Puttnam discussed how cinema can be seen as a powerful reflection and representation of identity – personal identity, gender(ed) identity, national identity, generational identity. We discussed the ways in which cinema can be a space in which […]

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Lecture Three: Creative Resilience

In this lecture, Lord Puttnam discussed the necessity of creative and practical resilience in the film industry, and touched upon the issues of role models, the importance of retaining creative control in an industry where one can be easily taken advantage of, and of giving yourself over entirely to film. I plan to write about […]

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Lecture Two: Ideas into Action

‘…thinking about that small fragment, that little fish, will bring in more’ – David Lynch In this lecture, we discussed where ideas come from when making a film; what environments they emerge from, and ways one can work out the nuances of your ideas and initial feelings about a project. We also discussed how to […]

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