Musicals and Music in Film and Televison

Rupaul’s Drag Race and Musical Spectacle: The Narrative  Function of Lipsyncs and Finale Numbers In this final lecture, Lord Puttnam discussed music once again, and looked at musical numbers in cinema and the evolution of the film musical, and song and dance onscreen. Taking inspiration from his lecture, I will be discussing a variety of […]

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Lecture 7: Fact or Fiction

In this lecture, Lord Puttnam once again covered a large range of topics, including a brief history of documentary on film, the recent spate of biopics and their success, the erosion of the public/private divide and the increased prevalence of info-tainment, and the ubiquitous presence of violence in news media, as well as the desensitization […]

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Lecture 6: Images and Emotions: The Role of Sound and Music

Dope, Post-Racial Realness and Political Cinema In this lecture with Lord Puttnam, we explored the impact that music and sound can have on a film, how it can be used to guide or manipulate the audience, and the importance of sound and music in the experience of watching a film. I will be discussing the […]

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Lecture 5: Casting and Performance

In this entry, I will be looking at the subject of casting calls, casting controversies and industry opportunities. Lord Puttnam spoke in this lecture about the importance of casting the right actors for the role, and the vital role that casting plays in a film’s success and in helping the audience to invest in the […]

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Lecture 4: Identity and Cinema

This week’s lecture discussed the idea of identity and cinema, and how identity is central to film. Lord Puttnam discussed how cinema can be seen as a powerful reflection and representation of identity – personal identity, gender(ed) identity, national identity, generational identity. We discussed the ways in which cinema can be a space in which […]

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